Updated 05.09.2007


The five song EP is being recorded in fall and will be ready at the end of the year.
The credits of the lyrics go to the trusted man and the original bassplayer Alois Weimer.

25.1. 2007
We started to work on the new EP in Studio JJ (Tampere).

Frostborn is keeping a low profile and concentrading on new material.

New gig added. Frostborn will play at YO-talo 31.5 with Masterstroke and Status Minor. Tickets 3€

New band photos, check those out at band- and picturespage.

Frostborns leadvocalist has changed! New vocalist Carita Pennanen started in
Frostborn in septemper.

New drummer is Confirmed. Timo Hanhijoki has joined Frostborn in May and
played his first gig in frostborns line-up in 1.6. in YO-talo.

New gig added.

A photosession with the new line-up starts next month with Jussi Vierimaa.

Unbound demo review by rockeyez.com added. Check that here

New gig added. See us on 1st of june at YO-talo. We are playing with Helion.

Frostborn songrelease on Usound Metal Sampler: As we announced earlier on our homepage Frostborn's track ANGEL was chosen to be released on the first Usound metal compilation. Now the sampler is finally ready and has been released on the first day of this month. The sampler is called "Beyond Unknown". Get more information and a glimpse on the cover-artwork at:

New gig added

Unbound demo review by Imperiumi.net added. Check that here

New demo UNBOUND available at last: The band`s third demo is finally ready.
Unbound is the first demo with our new singer Nia. Cover-artwork by Jarno Lahti (www.kaamos.com). Check out the releases-section!"

Picture of new bassman Kimmo added.

Unbound-release delayed: The band's third demo 'Unbound' was supposed to be released in September, but unfortunately the release delayed for different reasons.

Line-up change: Basist Alois Weimer announced to leave Frostborn after the recordings of the forthcoming demo Unbound due to tight timetables caused by duties towards his family, work and studies. The band regrets his decision
and wishes Alois all the best for the future. However, Alois will continue to do some promotional work for Frostborn and maybe contribute some lyrics for forthcoming Frostborn-material. A replacement is already found: Kimmo Kulo is the new man for the lower frequencies of Frostborn. Check out the band-section for more details on Kimmo!

Frostborn is looking for a drummer: Due to tight timetables with his profession John Aspen decided to quit as drummer of Frostborn, which releases
him from travelling permanently between Helsinki and Tampere. Former Frostborn-drummer Anssi Herkkola plays on a session-base with the band until
a replacement is found. Any applicant's for the drummer's position: Please contact us instantly!

Two german reviews added to the reviews-section, link library expanded and modified plus other minor updates.

Frostborn song-release on sampler-CD:
Frostborn will contribute the song "Angel" to the first volume of a metal-compilation published by the upcoming german label Usound, which is a subdivision of the publisher's house Ubooks, which is specialized on dark literature. A release date isn't fixed yet, but we will keep you up to date about any further news on the issue.

Did you ever recognize that Frostborn's second demo "Only the strong will survive" has been awarded by the canadian Sacred Embrace metal-webzine as "Best demo 2003"? Not too early, we finally want to point that out, as we also managed to add Sacred Embraced's link to our links-section at last. Check out also Sacred Embraced's Frostborn demo-reviews and Frostborn-interview!

The all new Frostborn website has been published today. The site has been designed and constructed by Kaamos-productions and includes beside a whole new design major updates and Frostborn-news. Kaamos and Frostborn were cooperating already in the past, when Kaamos designed the band's logo. Steady problems with site-updates should now be an issue of the past too, so you should be eager to check out our site every once in a while...

Finally we're able to confirm the recruitment of a new keyboard-player. Jouko Meronen has recently joined Frostborn and will do the job at the synths.

A photosession with the new line-up for the pictures of the upcoming demo and the renewed webpage has been held with Jussi Vierimaa in Tampere. Just watch out until we get that stuff online...

Frostborn has repeatedly been invited to play a gig at a metal-venue in St.Petersburg/Russia. Unfortunately we had to cancel the trip because of our line-up changes and preparing the setlist with the new members. Hopefully later on this year we'll be able to play over there...

John Aspen is confirmed as new drummer of Frostborn.

Anssi Herkkola announced that he will leave Frostborn as a regular member. He will continue to contribute his enormous musical talent to Frostborn as a songwriter and session-player also in the future, but step aside from his position as Frostborn's regular drummer for the reason of increasing duties
towards his family and profession. Frostborn regret's his decision, yet we are glad, not to loose him totally...

The new Frostborn vocalist is confirmed! Nia convinced with an extraordinary performance at the casting assuring her place as first female singer ever in the band's history. Welcome, Nia, to the crowd!

Also Tommi Erkkilä decided to leave Frostborn for personal reasons. Frostborn wishes also Tommi good luck further on and organizes castings in order to find a new vocalist.

Chris Hopper announced to withdraw from Frostborn because of increasing duties with his studies and career as cultural manager. Frostborn wishes Chris all the best for the future and seeks a replacement on the keyboards.

Pictures from Tulliklubi added

General updates

Reviews updated and one new added

New review from the Sacred Embrace added

Next gig will be 17.12.2003 in ravintola Tulliklubi, Tampere. Other bands are Dreamtale and Masterstroke . Tickets 4eur

Live pictures from the Hellä added


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